Proposed Development Consultation : Fusion Assets Business, Industrial, Storage or Distribution

Consultation Event: 2pm – 7:30pm, Tuesday 6th Feb 2023, Ravenscraig Sports Centre

Fusion Assets, the development arm of North Lanarkshire Council, has announced plans for ‘Class 4, 5, 7 use’ industrial units (business, industrial, storage or distribution uses) on land opposite Ravenscraig Regional Sports Centre.

Plans propose units designated for ‘business, industrial, storage or distribution’ uses – with potential for 24 hour operations.

The proposal is part of broader plans for industrial development – Seven Four Eight (Broader plans for a ‘production and logistics location’ at Ravenscraig)

The plans are in line with the Ravenscraig Masterplan – on a site long zoned for industrial uses.

Note this is a pre-planning application consultation and there will be an opportunity to comment once a planning application is submitted.

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