Scottish Greens back a Ravenscraig for families, not freight liners

Scottish Green MSP Gillian Mackay has again this week reconfirmed her support, standing with Scottish Labour, SNP and Conservative MSPs, MPs and Councillors saying Ravenscraig is for Families, Not Freightliners.

⏰ Thursday 15th December : Decision day on Russell Group’s flawed vision of the future of Motherwell and Lanarkshire for generations to come.

🚨 Act Now : Email councillors from across North Lanarkshire (they all get a vote), your MP and MSPs. Contact emails are below to cut and paste.

🚨 Tell councillors your thoughts and ask them to vote against the proposal (councillors can’t speak out publicly before voting). Ask our MP and MSPs to speak out against the plans.

🚨 Donate £10 to our fighting fund…

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