Decision Day : Ravenscraig for families, not freight liners


🔵 Two Christmases ago, Russell Group though this was a deal done behind closed doors.

🔵 North Lanarkshire communities, businesses, councillors, MPs and Scottish Labour, Conservative, SNP and Scottish Green MSPs said that isn’t so.

🔵 What Russell Group asks is that this council cast aside two decades of planned progress and investment – but progressive place making happens by choice, not chance.

🔵 Russell Group offer a flawed vision for Ravenscraig.

🔵 This Christmas, two years on, we urge members from all parties to send a strong and clear message to Russell Group and Ravenscraig Ltd that North Lanarkshire deserves better.

🔵 To the applicant we urge reflection and a recognition that rail hubs have an important role to play in Scotland’s future, but require sustainable sites in suitable locations.

🔵 Together as local communities and businesses, with our council, councillors, MSPs and MPs, we stand ready to continue our fight.

🚨Email councillors from across North Lanarkshire (they all get a vote), your MP and MSPs. Contact emails are below to cut and paste.

🚨 Tell councillors your thoughts and ask them to vote against the proposal (councillors can’t speak out publicly before voting). Ask our MP and MSPs to speak out against the plans.

🚨 Donate £10 to our fighting fund

👉Constituency MP (SNP)�

👉Constituency MSP (SNP)

👉Regional MSPs (Scottish Labour)

👉Regional MSPs (Scottish Conservatives)

👉Regional MSP (Scottish Greens)

👉North Lanarkshire Councillors


🚨 Ryan O’Donnell, chairman of the Ravenscraig Community Action Group (RCAG), said: “For two years we have fought a David and Goliath battle on a wholly inappropriately sited dirty diesel freight proposal.

“The plans would see a monolithic industrial complex and an 800 HGV movements a day super-highway in phase one alone which would rip through the heart of Motherwell and surrounding areas, depriving us of much needed new and affordable housing and scarring the Lanarkshire landscape for generations.

“The freight hub proposals are coming off the rails and it’s time now for Russell Group to give up the ghost on plans which are universally opposed by communities, councillors, and MSPs.”

🚨 A flawed vision, coming off the rails, for a wholly inappropriately sited dirty diesel freight proposal.

🚨 Incompatible with the Ravenscarig Masterplan, Development Plan, Local Plan and National Planning Frameworks 3 & 4.

🚨 Incompatible with hundreds of millions of pounds already invested by North Lanarkshire Council, Scottish and UK Governments, threatening next generation public and private sector investment in the site.

🚨 Scarring the Motherwell and North Lanarkshire landscape – forever.

🚨 Setting a dangerous precedent for mega-industry in areas zoned for new and social housing.

🚨 1,000 new build and affordable 2, 3 and 4 bedroom houses for local families – denied.

🚨 £1.9m of annual council tax lost – enough to fund 72 new teachers; 80 home care workers.

🚨 1,000 new homes with local spend in local stores – lost.

🚨 800 dirty diesel HGV lorry movements a every day (1 every 100 seconds) trundling past our homes in phase one alone.

🚨 Displacing existing North Lanarkshire jobs and competing against existing rail freight sites.

🚨 More sustainable sites for rail freight that don’t block Ravenscraig regeneration – available, with planning consents and in development.

🚨 The promise of a new, safe and sustainable community for North Lanarkshire – broken.

🚨 Pollution free new primary schools with safe routes to school – impossible – placing our children at risk.

🚨 Incompatible with Scotland’s recently adopted UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

🚨 Noise, light and air pollution, not to mention commercial vehicles resting up on local streets.

🚨 Huge local environmental, biodiversity, ecological impact & loss of ancient woodland.

🚨 Years of construction from 8am – 7pm.

🚨 Local property prices plummeting.

🚨 Russell Group though it was a deal done behind closed doors.

🚨 North Lanarkshire communities, businesses, councillors, MPs and MSPs said that isn’t so.

🚨 North Lanarkshire Council’s clear recommendation to reject and no case for an appeal to Scottish Ministers.

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