New Schools for Ravenscraig : New RCAG Campaign


Ravenscraig Community Action Group, a community action group representing residents from Ravenscraig and surrounding areas, has this week launched a new campaign focused on securing new, long promised, primary schools for Ravenscraig.

In February 2019, North Lanarkshire Council’s Education and Families Committee approved the commencement of a statutory consultation on the development of new denominational and non-denominational primary schools within the Ravenscraig Area.

The proposals were backed by parents, councillors and Education Scotland inspectors who concluded that ‘North Lanarkshire Council’s proposal to establish [new schools] in the Ravenscraig area and implement catchment changes has clear educational benefits. The proposal addresses school capacity and accommodation pressures as a result of planned housing developments in the Ravenscraig area. Children attending the new [schools] will benefit from a modern, state of the art learning environment which provides full digital learning. A new 21st century school building will provide a hub for learning, activities and facilities that will make a contribution to improving children’s health and wellbeing.’ 

New houses in the Ravenscraig area, which are already complete, would be rezoned to the new catchment area.

Ravenscraig Community Action Group member Elaine Morris, said:

“North Lanarkshire’s four years late for new schools at Ravenscraig. Despite two significant consultations in 2019 backed by parents, councillors and Education Scotland, four years on the site of the proposed schools lies barren and bare.

“More than that, there’s been no update on the promise made by council chiefs. Ravenscraig families deserve better. Having fought a two-year David and Goliath battle against a flawed vision for an inappropriately sited rail hub, communities need confidence that our children will have access to safe and modern local schools, ending the bussing of our children to schools designed for other areas.

“Families from across Motherwell, Wishaw and North Lanarkshire have chosen Ravenscraig to live, work and raise their children. Together we need to be included in the development of plans for the site by North Lanarkshire Council, Scottish Enterprise, the Ravenscraig Partnership and others. Inclusion is a key principle of good placemaking and we look forward to policy and decision makers working with us over the time ahead.”

The campaign comes against a backdrop of a North Lanarkshire Council consultation which proposes significant cuts to school transport, cutting off areas like Ravenscraig from local schools.  The group is calling for parents to make their voices heard by objecting to plans via the council’s consultation exercise, open until 28th April.

The group is hosting a digital public meeting, with councillors and Pauline O’Neill, Education Manager at North Lanarkshire Council, at 7pm on Thursday 23rd March 2023.  Details can be found at  Ms. O’Neill will provide an update on the council’s plan for new schools at Ravenscraig.  Due to the live consultation, Ms. O’Neill will be unable to comment on school transport proposals.

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